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The Determined Patient's Guide to Covid-19

The Determined Patient’s Guide to Covid-19

1. Get vaccinated. Keep yourself safe and others safe, too. Adverse effects of vaccination are very rare, especially compared to the risk of hospitalization, long-term covid, or death from Covid-19.

2. Wear a mask of some kind in the work environment or whenever you are around others, such as in shops. My philosophy has always been, if something works and there is no downside, go with it. My philosophy has always been if something works and there's no downside, go with it.

3. Socially distance from others when appropriate. Indoors, stay at least six feet away from anyone who is unvaccinated and unmasked if that's possible. Outdoors, if you'll be shouting, singing, or talking at length with others, socially distance unless you're wearing a mask.

4. Continue to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer if soap isn't available. This hygeine habit will also help you avoid colds and the flu.

5. Evaluate the safety of your workplace for you as a unique individual. The decision to go back to a work environment is tricky no matter what your boss or your government (state or federal) says. Get vaccinated and consider your age, overall health, and most importantly, your work environment.Will you interact closely with multiple individuals, some of whom may not be wearing masks, socially distancing, or vaccinated? Is it possible where you work to adhere to social distancing guidelines? What is the ventilation system like? These are some of the questions to consider when making your decision about how, when or whether to return to the workplace safely.

6. Stay calm and stay positive and respect the science!! The big picture is that we will get through this and as we progress and learn more about the virus and its variants, we will get a much better idea of how to protect everyone. The nature of scientific research is that new discoveries will cause experts to change their recommendations. You can keep up on the latest research and recommendations by checking the CDC website at We're all in this together, so know the facts and follow the advice of experts.

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