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Stay Current on Your Health or Medical Condition

Updated: Sep 9, 2021


Stay Current on Your Health or Medical Condition

Most doctors regularly read only the key journal in their field. For many general internists and family practitioners, the oldest American medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, also known as NEJM, has been published weekly since 1812. Many subspecialists, especially in internal medicine, also peruse it. It covers timely topics and is not only limited to articles on the outcomes of clinical trials using new treatments but also perspectives on various health-related policies and health practices. It also features current reviews of the literature on common and uncommon diseases. The table of contents for each issue is available for free online ( A few of the articles can be read for free, while others must be purchased; many libraries have subscriptions. Consider checking the NEJM periodically to see if the latest editions have any articles pertaining to you and your health condition. Something you read there may really make a difference when you least expect it.

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