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New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Are you a determined patient, willing to take charge of your own health care and be a powerful self-advocate? If so, you need to know that blood pressure guidelines have changed. After a careful review of patient data and the SPRINT trial, which looked at the effect of lowering blood pressure in hypertension beyond what was previously recommended, experts have issued a new set of guidelines for high blood pressure. They now recommend that the target systolic blood pressure be 130 mmHg rather than the old 140 mmHg.

This may not sound like much, but the lower number is associated with close to a 25 percent reduction in strokes and deaths. Now you are up to date with what your primary care physician should know. If your blood pressure's systolic rate is commonly above 130, even if it is under 140, talk to your doctor about the new rate and how you can lower your blood pressure and your risk of serious health events such as a stroke.

Know what your blood pressure is and be a determined patient.

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