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About The Determined Patient

As an informed, self-motivated, and determined patient, you can find the best treatments and access the same up-to-date information your doctor uses to make recommendations. The Determined Patient: How to Be a Powerful Self-Advocate and Take Charge of Your Health, by Robert Danziger, MD, and Mary E. Gellens, MD, with Nancy Peske, published by Kamoh Publishing, can help you become a self-directed and knowledgeable patient who lets no obstacle stand in the way of getting well again. You do not have to accept a dire prognosis and tell yourself that all you can do is follow the doctor’s orders, nothing more. You can do high-quality research, ask excellent questions and get the answers you need, and better understand your condition and possible treatments. Take charge of your health care: Become a determined patient.

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"There is wide accessibility to finding new and alternative protocols for every type of medical challenge. It's just a matter of knowing where and how to look."


It can feel daunting to wade through the options and solutions to a medical challenge, especially when dealing with a new and frightening diagnosis. The Determined Patient book offers strategies for effective researching and partnering with medical providers, allowing you to take charge of your health.

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